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Bernadette Peters| Pink Cadillac

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"When Carol and I get together I am reminded of how glad I am to have her in my life. I suppose it’s because, along with the laughter, we make each other feel that we belong, that we fit in. It’s so nice to find another nut in this world."

Julie Andrews

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Bernadette Peters + when she was younger

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When Teachers have the last laugh

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Outrageous Fortune

  • Lauren: Now, listen: This time let me handle this. Your simplest exchanges with people become pornographic.
  • Sandy: That is a FUCKING lie.
  • Lauren: Need I say more?
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Favorite movies of all time outrageous fortune(1987) this movie is so funny 

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We’re watching Cheers and all I can keep thinking is “Nine years of ballet, ASSHOLE!”


Shelley Long & Bette Midler


How most people react to Shelley Long…

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