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At Long Last Love (1975) - "If they ever black your eyes, put me wise." 

Does anyone else get hit in the feels!, when Kitty O’Kelly gives a reassuring wink to Brooke, in a way to say everything is going to be ok. After she had a quarrel with Johnny Spanish, or is it just me? 

no, no, it also hits me in the feels. this actually kills me omg how cute and fuqin sweet stahp


Happy Birthday Madeline Kahn!
(September 29, 1942 - December 3, 1999)

She was really a great gift to us all. … I saw art [in her], not just funny. But I saw a person who was gifted with art. I don’t think there’s anything that Madeline Kahn couldn’t do. Nobody could approach the magnificence and wonder of Madeline Kahn.

-Mel Brooks

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Favorite photos 9/?

Bernadette Peters in Follies, 2012.

Madeline Kahn September 29, 1942 - December 3, 1999

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Happy birthday Madeline! <3


Young Frankenstein (1974) Outtakes 

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.:。•*¨**゚Happy Birthday Madeline Kahn ¨**¨*•・✿.。.:

Today, September 29th, would of been Madeline’s 72nd Birthday.

"She was and still is, in my personal opinion. One of the very few, most rare, unique, inspirational, sincerely kind, beautiful, deeply underrated and extraordinarily talented actresses. That we have ever had in the history of film, TV and Theatre.”

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Madeline Kahn & Carol BurnettThe best comedy duo, both exceptional talented, funny and beautiful. 

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Madeline Gail Wolfson

September 29, 1942 - December 3, 1999

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Barbra Streisand as Rose Morgan in The Mirror Has Two Faces, 1996 (1)

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Barbra performs “Come Rain or Come Shine” at The Tonight Show [x]

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That face you make when you get Barbra’s new album

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(jimmy fallon edits) jimmy singing with barbra streisand (link)

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