You'll Never Know


This is what happens when Ronnie drinks coffee!

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"Represent in 3,2,1…"

I may be going away.

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Your so welcome, how could I not follow a madam?!


Bea Arthur: a flying super hero you have not known about.
(By me from the video “Shoppers Drug Mart - 500 Store Celebration Sale (1988)” which has low quality, alas.)


kind of woman - a journey through the heartbreaking melodies and powerhouse ballads of the female repertoire

the party goes with you - 35mm: a musical exhibition // on the steps of the palace - into the woods // everything i know - in the heights // the dark i know well - spring awakening // tiger, tiger - the apple tree // still hurting - the last five years // by my side - godspell // quiet - matilda // bless the lord - godspell // losing my mind - follies // dyin’ ain’t so bad - bonnie and clyde // i miss the mountains - next to normal // pulled - the addams family // kind of woman - pippin // dance: ten; looks: three - a chorus line // sal tlay ka siti - the book of mormon // pretty funny - dogfight // out tonight - rent // all grown up - bare: a pop opera // model behavior - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // the life of the party - the wild party // diva’s lament (whatever happened to my part?) - spamalot // anymore - scott alan live // and i am telling you - dreamgirls // get out and stay out - 9 to 5



Judy Garland, 1943


Ann-Margret - Bye Bye Birdie

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