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#Happy Birthday BARBRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Barbra’s birthday is always a bit hard for me because it is the same day as my mom’s birthday so I feel obligated to prioritize my mom’s birthday but I will make this one post. I am so very thankful for Barbra. She has pulled me through some very hard times in my life and without her and the Barbra community on tumblr I don’t know what I would have done. Barbra has brought me so much joy and I am confident that she will continue to do so. I would also like to recognize on this special day the colormevictoria blog (Victoria) for being the blog I discovered during a google search on Barbra and excitedly checked everyday for a few months for new posts before finally making my own blog. What a journey this has been!

A very happy birthday to you Mrs. Barbra Joan Streisand Brolin. Thank you for… Everything


24 reasons to love Streisand - A birthday countdown

24 → her birthday & lucky number

#23. A love like theirs

"Every night is a new adventure. Sleeping is a waste of time. I can’t wait to see her again in the morning." - James Brolin on his wedding day.

"Congratulations honey, I’ll see you later in bed and we’ll play gin rummy… Or whatever game you want to play." - James Brolin at Glamour Women of the Year Award last November.

We know relationships and couples change as time passes by, and it would be silly and naive to believe life is always a fairytale but through all these years, the look in their eyes remais the same.

What a pleasure and honor to witness such a beautiful love story. 

"And just when I thought love had passed me by, we met

That first look In your eyes, I can’t forget

You melted me with your tender touch

I felt all fear and sorrow slip away…”

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Barbra Streisand winning her first Oscar for Funny Girl in 1969.

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"She doesn’t actually sing a song at all; she acts it. She does things with her hands and face that are simply individual; that’s the only way to describe them. They haven’t been done before. She sings, and you’re really happy you’re there." - Roger Ebert, 1968.



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Hello, Dolly!

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Barbra Streisand in Meet The Fockers, 2004.

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"I wish that just once, someone would write about the real me. I’m not really what they say I am, sometimes I’d like to be, though. That other, bitchy person, I mean. My God, I’d be so much more interesting."

Barbra Streisand, 1972

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24 reasons to love Streisand - A birthday countdown

24 → her birthday & lucky number

#21. Her intelligence and curiosity

In a very recent interview, Barbra called herself a “perpetual student”, and I tried to remember her every project and her level of involvement with them, and just thinking about it blew me away.

This is a woman who once traveled to The Netherlands to study certain painters to better work with the colors in Yentl. Needless to say, she also studied the Talmud.

She knows her politics and has deep comprehension of the causes she chooses to lend a voice to. Have you read her latest article on CO2 and organic farming?

We all learned she was a straight-A student and it’s been said she has an IQ of over 160… But those are just statements… What matters most are the wise words and the outlets she’s chosen to express all her intelligence.

If you need any proof, just watch The Artist As Citizen and remember her voice has always offered a lot more than that gorgeous singing.

Happy 72nd birthday, Barbra Streisand! (b. April 24, 1942)

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Happy 72nd Birthday to the most wonderful and talented woman I have ever come across. Thank you for everything Barbra Streisand, you absolute Queen.

Happy 72nd Birthday, Barbra Streisand! (April 24, 1942)

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